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Why PropertyLife?
Thanks for stopping by… my name is Derek, and my wife Lovina and I are the founders of PropertyLife!

I’ll get to why we started PropertyLife in a bit, but first I want to tell you a little bit about its purpose:

The goal of PropertyLife is to help property buyers, sellers and investors in Malaysia advance their property goals – whether they are first time buyers, existing homeowners or seasoned investors.

So if you’re buying a property, selling a property or want to build & manage your property investments in Malaysia – you’ve come to the right place.

How it all started
The idea for PropertyLife started a couple of years ago, when we set a goal for ourselves to move back to Asia in within a few years.

I say ‘back’ to Asia because although I am Dutch, I spent a large part of my youth in Penang. Lovina is Indian and was born in Kobe, Japan – and we’re currently living in London.

As it happens, we both have a strong passion for property; we own two properties in London, and manage a small portfolio of properties for other landlords.

So for us, setting out to build a property business or property-related lifestyle in Malaysia seemed like an obvious fit! We could use my experience living in Malaysia (my folks still own a property in Penang via MM2H) with our property investing knowledge in London – which has many parallels due to the British influence in Malaysia.

And so we set out on our learning journey about property in Malaysia.

The problem we found
We quickly found, however, that although there are a few good resources about property in Malaysia to help us get started, most resources have three things in common:

They cater to agents and/or developers instead of property buyers, sellers and investors (the real drivers of the property industry)
There is very little clear, practical and actionable content to truly help people solve their property problems
There is often a lack of transparency in the market – either through lack of data, inaccurate classifieds and general misinformation
And so PropertyLife was born – not only help us document our learning journey about property in Malaysia (and be held accountable it!) but also address what is a seemingly big, unmet need in the Malaysian property market.

Our promise to you
Having spoken to lots of experts in the Malaysian property game, painstakingly observed the market for several years and built considerable experience in property, here’s our promise to you:

1 PropertyLife will be unashamedly focused on property buyers, sellers and investors.

Agents don’t pay our bills. We’re not selling property. We’re not part of a property development group. We ourselves are property owners and want to help you solve your property problems.

2 PropertyLife will provide clear, useful and actionable content to help you advance in your property goals.

No fluff, sales spiels or property gurus – just clear, engaging and detailed information you can put to use straight away. Whether you’re learning how to buy a new launch property, or finding a good home as an expat.

3 PropertyLife will always be transparent, honest and authentic.

We don’t profess to be veterans of the Malaysian property market, or claim to have a $10 million portfolio. We’re experienced in property but we’re still building up our local market knowledge. Join us in our journey!

Get in touch
What are your biggest challenges in the Malaysian property market? Get in touch – we’d love to hear your story.

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